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Issue 3: Education for Community Building

Sidney Gilbert


ADPSR lost one of its most dedicated members this past September—Sidney P. Gilbert, FAIA. Sidney had been a catalyst for the formation of Architects for Social Responsibility (ASR) in 1982 when he wrote a letter to hundreds of his colleagues urging them to join the effort against nuclear arms proliferation. ASR later became Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) when it joined with similar groups in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Northern California.

Sidney worked tirelessly on behalf of ADPSR and is most remembered for helping to organize exchanges between architects in the United States and in the former Soviet Union. These interactions culminated with a joint traveling exhibition of socially responsible design architecture. ADPSR's voice for social responsibility would have been much weaker had it not been for Sidney Gilbert's passion and commitment.

Sidney Gilbert received his architectural degree from Pratt Institute and worked under Philip Johnson and Edward Larrabee Jones, before forming his own firm. He was the first Western architect to practice in the former Soviet Union in 1991 and in 1999 he was elected to full membership in the Moscow Union of Architects—the first and only American to receive this honor. Sidney continued the rich professional intercourse between Russia and United States that started with his citizen diplomacy efforts with ADPSR. His contributions to cultural exchange between these onetime enemies will be long appreciated.

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